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Graceful Aging Requires Graceful Living

Your Health Matters

There is often times a disconnect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle; we know what’s good for our bodies, but we don’t always act accordingly. Graceful Aging aims to close the gap between knowing and doing, by catering to each individual's unique circumstances. Whether it is weight loss or weight management, managing a dietary condition, or developing a healthy relationship with food, Graceful Aging offers a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.

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Located in Fort Mill, SC, Graceful Aging is a professional micro enterprise that specializes in nutrition, fitness and healthy living. We are committed to  forming relationships with clients who want to improve their health and life effectiveness. 
At Graceful Aging, we support and coach those who want to eat better,  become more fit, and be more effective at life in general. 
We have a partnership w Lifestyle Fitness in Alexandria, Va, where clients can virtually consult to better understand diagnosed or undiagnosed orthopedic conditions (mystery pain).
Coach Wynton holds a certification in Nutrition and Healthy Living from Cornell University’s School of Nutrition Science, and a bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders from Hampton University.
Her professional experience also includes leadership and management in corporate HR, corporate training and not-for-profit administration, all adding  to her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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Achieve Your Goals

What You Need

Healthy Green Smoothies

Nutrition Coach

 At Graceful Aging, we focus on  360 degrees of your lifestyle. As a result, we zero in on various aspects of how you live: 

Your eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise habits and social habits all factor into our holistic approach for identifying your best Nutrition & Healthy Living plan. 

We provide 3 months of 1:1 strategic weekly meetings to identify dietary needs resulting in customized meal plans

After several personalized meetings, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food related decisions for your health needs. 

Virtual Personal Training

Graceful Aging supports individuals in gaining and maintaining strength, flexibility ,mobility and balance. We will design a specific program that will help you achieve your goals by analyzing your current lifestyle fitness level. Virtual Personal Training affords you the ability to be comfortable at home and encourages serenity by working out within your own space.


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As a nutrition coach & council, Wynton, guided and inspired me during our weekly meeting. I wanted to lose 18-20 pounds. You follow her instructions - enough sleep, proper diet, exercise and drink your water. Wynton really know what it takes but you must be willing to accept and follow the process. She helped me to stay motivated. Yes, at 60 you can be much healthier in spirit, mind and body. I welcome my new lifestyle and exceeded my goal. Highly recommend you start the program.  -Jan Prioleau

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“The mind is the most important part of achieving any fitness goal. Mental change always comes before physical change."

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Grocery shopping tips for efficiency
1. Always have a list, even for items less than 5, trust me without it you’ll buy more.
2. Eat a healthy meal or snack before going, trust me without it you’ll buy more
3. Take a quick inventory before you go, trust me without it you’ll by more.

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